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Featured article

The Rhythmic Scale: Part 1

by Tim Lake

Outside of drummers and drumming circles rhythmical understanding is quite often the weakest link in an otherwise accomplished musician. For a lot of musicians, rhythm is more invisible than harmony or technique, but studying and understanding rhythm is as important as studying harmony or technique, and is useful in both composing and improvising.

Perhaps not the simplest place to start, the rhythmic scale, so called, is a useful tool to becoming comfortable with quintuplets and sextuplets, and shifting through subdivisions of the beat. It can be developed to give us an understanding of basic polyrhythmic concepts and metric modulations. What is important is to be able to feel the pulse throughout and it is essential to practice with a metronome.



What Happens In The Mid-section Of Black Dog By Led Zeppelin?

By Martin McConnell

This is one of those things that guitarists have argued with each other over for years. Take a look at my blog post to see my interpretation. It's not quite as hard to play as it sounds!www.martinseanmcconnell.co.uk/#!What-Happens-During-That-Section-of-Led-Zeppelin’s-Black-Dog/crto/1...read more...

'abandoned State' - New Album Release

By Shlomi Hason

Last December, my new album, Abandoned State was released.
“Abandoned State” is a work of love and a result of collaboration: countless talented musicians have visited my DIY recording studio over the last 24 months, bringing their violins, saxophones, tablas, flutes, harps and double bass...read more...

First Lesson Free At Guitarbitz Guitar Shop

By Guitarbitz Guitar Shop

At Guitarbitz Guitar Shop we offer a FREE FIRST LESSON to anyone wanting to learn to play guitar. This is a FREE 30 minute guitar lesson with one of our experienced guitar tutors, firstly to check your playing skills and find out your style and secondly to check that you will get along.
There ...

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